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Gillian Leggat writes Christian children’s books and adult Christian fiction. She is the author of more than ninety books. At present, she is focusing on writing Christian fiction. Her recent published titles include three Christian picture books for young children, an exciting YA fantasy trilogy, an adult Christian novel and a memoir about bereavement. 

As an experienced teacher and writer of many different genres, she loves to share her skills with both adults and children. She offers a writing workshop on how to write a book, evaluates manuscripts of aspiring writers and has designed various writing modules for the Bergvliet Continuing Education programme. Currently, she teaches English at the Valley Tutor Centre in Fishhoek where she lives.

She enjoys walking on the beach, attending cultural activities – when not in lockdown – and being involved in her local church. She has three adult children and two grandchildren.

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Trees Full of Treasure

When Clara takes her cousin, Julia, on a treasure hunt, she finds far more than she expected: real treasure. Treasure even more valuable than a priceless pearl. Read all about this precious treasure which you, too, can find if you search for it.

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Trees Full of Treasure Ebook by Gillian Leggat
Mighty Master Plan & Significant Signposts by Gillian Leggat

Mighty MasterPlan & Significant Signposts

Uneven scales!

Three believers versus one sceptic.

At stake: Life versus Death.

Who will persuade a die-hard atheist to choose Life?

An innocent small girl? A conscientious pastor?  A knowledgeable angel?

Sadly, even multiple demonstrations of God's mighty hand in the world aren't enough for this particular sceptic. He wants 'signs', proof, evidence...with which he is patiently presented. But will even these links between prophecy and fulfilment be enough to convince him of the truth?

Both the minimal but meaningful words and the strikingly symbolic and crisply character-referenced drawings are intended for maximum impact.

So whether you pause to ponder on individual pages, or journey through the book to its profound conclusion, you will find yourself exploring universal truths, or, at the very least, questioning what you really believe, and why.

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Breath of God by Gillian Leggat
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The Diamond Pathway by Gillian Leggat
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