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An Adult Christian Novel – Firm Foundations


Walk with the characters through challenges and trials, successes and victories. Discover the mystery of their ‘firm foundation’.


As no life is a bed of roses, most readers can identify with stories about characters who face, deal with and try to overcome the many obstacles, hardships and problems that cross their paths. Life, on the whole, can guarantee to dish up many surprises, some of them
gloriously exciting, others challenging curved balls. So reading about these issues in fiction can be deeply satisfying, especially if you, as a reader, can empathise with a protagonist, and take great joy in the antagonist’s come-uppance…or not! For in fiction, as in life, things don’t
always work out exactly as you expect them to. And it is this very unpredictability in a plot that adds interest to the story.

Firm Foundations is essentially a novel about a love which is so strong that nothing can destroy it, a love which endures through trials and tribulations; a love which fights on to the bitter end. It is also a novel about memory, reminiscences and significant flashbacks which
have shaped the life of Claire, the narrator of the story and the chief protagonist. In this novel, Claire is jolted from her fairly settled life by an unexpected incident which catapults her into a happy, fulfilling but challenging past. As you journey with her down memory lane, you will experience her emotions of excitement, joy, sadness and nostalgia.You will also be fascinated by a talented and creative librarian, Lizzie, who acts as the catalyst for an extraordinary reunion which is going to make Claire’s life seem so worthwhile.

Because it deals with such relevant subject matter, Firm Foundations has an authentic feel…it could be about so many real people and their actual stories. The novel also has a spiritual component; underpinning the main characters’ lives is the chief cornerstone, their firm foundation, Jesus Christ, the rock. For how would they be able to negotiate the difficult problems that life throws at them without the wonderful biblical verses that frequently bolster their morale, encouraging them to keep going?

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