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When Clara takes her cousin, Julia, on a treasure hunt, she finds far more than she expected: real treasure.

The Whirling Twirling World

The Seekers

Courtney's world is falling apart: her boyfriend Steven has left her for a hot "pop-idol chick", her parents are getting divorced, and her mum is moving to a remote town with her siblings.


The Rainbow Game will teach children about God’s amazing love, and that He always keeps His promises

The Master Builder

Who is the greatest king of the whole world?  King Puffed wants to prove that he is. So he sends his soldiers into the town to find eager subjects. Subjects who will agree that it is he, King Puffed, who is the greatest king of them all.


The Greatest Treasure

A group of children are talking about heaven and how to get there when a wise old woman interrupts them – who wants to tell them a story.

The Golden Highway

Julia and her friends Sean, Tanya, Thabo and Kyle find themselves trapped in a mysteriousunderground cave system, a famous heritage site in the middle of the bushveld.

The Emerald Rreasure Chamber by Gillian Leggat
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The Emerald Treasure Chamber

Julia and her friends win a trip to Egypt, little suspecting the dangerous trap into which theyare flying. Is it a coincidence that their tour guide, Nenet, bears an uncanny resemblance to Livedia?

The Diamond Pathway by Gillian Leggat
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The Diamond Pathway

In an abandoned mining town in Namibia, Julia and her friends unexpectedly encounter the evil Livedia.


The stories in Tapestries will delight young readers as they journey with the characters through a variety of adventures and challenges. Along the way, they will learn about God’s great creativity, love, protection and care.


Star Bright

Laura feels sorry for Gloria, the new girl at school. But although everyone either teases or ignores her, she tries so hard to smile.


One Day and Then and Now

Modern Manna - Gillian Leggat
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Modern Manna

Michael is very hungry. But he's also upset and angry.

Mighty Master Plan - Gillian Leggat
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Might Master Plan & Significant Signposts

Uneven scales!

Three believers versus one sceptic.

At stake: Life versus Death.

Who will persuade a die-hard atheist to choose Life?

Meltdown Miracles

Who will win the epic battle between health and sickness, life and death? Khaila or Covid?

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Josh's Impossible Journey

Josh doesn’t want to go on this journey. It’s too hard, especially as he’s not supposed to stray from the path…his instructions are to keep going straight.

Headlines in Heaven

Residing in the Kingdom of Heaven, the angel Raphael is a devoted follower of God.

Firm Foundations

What is the foundation of life? Claire and Richard find out the hard way as they tackle difficult obstacles together.

Available as an eBook from SmashWords


Crystal Island by Gillian Leggat
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Crystal Island

Sarah is faced with a choice – to go with ten strangers to an isolated island for seventy days – or not.

Breath of God

Breath of God is an invaluable resource for anyone who has suffered a bereavement, especially of a spouse or a life partner.

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